Helmet Bluetooth Kit

Looking for Bluetooth helmet kit in India, then check out the Bluetooth helmet kit provided by Bikestuff. It is a high quality device that would fulfill your requirement for sure. It enables you to easily and safely make/receive mobile phone calls while riding. You can also connect with upto 5 other riders and talk with each other during your rides! You can also connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices like MP3 players, GPS, etc.

This ultra useful device is being offered by Bikestuff at an unmatched price of just Rs 4,499/-, that too with 6 months’ warranty against manufacturing defects! This product is in high demand and stocks are always limited. Buy one for yourself today and also tell your friends so that all of you can enjoy your rides together! Bikestuff is the best place where your search ends for Bluetooth helmet kit in India.

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Bluetooth kit for motorcycle helmets. An amazing, safe and easy way to take/make mobile phone cal..

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